Your transaction will be handled by a member of our experienced Commercial Conveyancing team supported by their dedicated legal assistant. Regardless of who works on your matter, they will be supervised by Dr. Abess Taqi, a practising solicitor and Notary Public. Dr. Taqi is the firm’s Director and the person responsible for all firm-wide decisions.


Dr. Abess Taqi

Abess is the head of our Conveyancing Team and he is a practising Solicitor and Notary Public in England and Wales. Abess qualified as a solicitor in 2004. He holds a PhD. Degree in Political Science awarded by the School of Advanced Study, University of London. Abess has over 18 years’ experience in conveyancing work, specializing in commercial property (grants and assignments of leases), lease extensions and variation of leases (surrender and re-grants). Abess can be contacted at our offices situated at Suite 21, Imperial House, 64 Willoughby Lane, London, N17 0SP or via other methods as follows: Tel: 0208 885 3999; Email: abess@virgosolicitors.co.uk; Fax 0208 885 4114. 

Mrs. Sengul Turgut – Paralegal

Sengul Turgut is a paralegal with over 17 years’ experience in Conveyancing work. Ms. Turgut is fluent in English and Turkish. She is Abess’s dedicated legal assistant and she will be able to respond to any query/queries that might arise during the course of your transaction. We try hard to avoid changing the people who are handling your work but if this cannot be avoided, we will notify you promptly who will be handling your work and why the change is necessary. Shen can be contacted at our offices and her contact details are as follows: Tel: 0208 885 3999; Email: shen@virgosolicitors.co.uk; Fax 0208 885 4114. 

Ms. Yemen Linda Sangari

The person with overall responsibility for supervision of your conveyancing matter is Ms. Yemen Linda Sangari. Yemen is a qualified Solicitor with authorisation to practise in England & Wales. Her expertise in conveyancing work covers all aspects of sale and purchase. Yemen can be contacted at our offices and her contact details are as follows: Tel: 0208 885 3999; Email: info@virgosolicitors.co.uk; Fax 0208 885 4114.