Immigration Law

Our experience and expertise in Immigration covers all aspects UK Asylum and Immigration Law.

We can advise and provide representation with respect to the following matters:

We advice on all UK immigration and human rights matters including Applications by Family Members of British Citizens and Settled Persons, UK Work Visas, Same Day Visa Service at PEO, Croydon, EU Law Applications, Long Residence Applications, Asylum and Humanitarian Protection, British Citizenship, Immigration Appeals and Administrative Review, Judicial Reviews against the Home Office.

Virgo Solicitors are specialised to provide legal help and assistance in all types of immigration, asylum and human rights matters and at all stages of an immigration case including:

Any application to the Home Office;
An appeal to the First-tier Tribunal (Immigration and Asylum Chamber);
An application to the First-tier Tribunal (Immigration and Asylum Chamber) for permission to appeal to the Upper Tribunal (Immigration and Asylum Chamber);
An application to the Upper Tribunal (Immigration and Asylum Chamber) for permission to appeal to the Upper Tribunal;
An Appeal to the Upper Tribunal;
An appeal to the Court of Appeal Civil Division;
Judicial Review in the Administrative Court / High Court;An appeal to the Supreme Court of England and Wales on point of law;
and An application to The European Court of Human Rights.

In addition, to representing clients on a private – fee paying basis we also hold a Standard Civil Legal Aid contract for Immigration which entitles us to provide legal aid to qualifying clients who satisfy the requisite means/merits tests at the point of receipt of initial instructions.

IMMIGRATION – VIRGO SOLICITORS LIMITED costs and service information

We can help you with:

British Nationality and Citizenship applications – £500 + VAT
Applications which fall outside Immigration Rules – £900 + VAT
Humanitarian Protection and Discretionary Leave to Remain – £900 + VAT
Reconsiderations – £800 + VAT
Judicial Reviews – £2500 + VAT
Applications based on UK ancestry – £600 + VAT
Extension of Leave and variation of leave applications – £1000 inc. VAT
Settlement applications – £900 inc. VAT
Entry clearance for family members – £900 + VAT
Family reunion – £800 + VAT
Visitor’s visa – £800 inc. VAT
European National Residence permits/residence documents – £500 + VAT
Work permits – £1000 + VAT
Highly skilled Migrant Programs – £1000 + VAT
Tier 1 – Post Study, General – £1000 + VAT
Entrepreneur and Investor – £2000 + VAT
Tier 2- Sponsorship of a Non – EU Migrant Worker (General & ICT) – £1100 + VAT
Tier 4 – Adult and Child Student Applications – £1000 + VAT
Tier 5 – Youth Mobility and Temporary Workers – £900 + VAT

The fees given above will cover:

Taking your detailed instructions
Completing the Application Form with you
Preparing representations and submitting your application to the Home Office
Making written and oral contacts with the Home Office on the progress of your application
Attending to your telephone calls
Meeting with you in conference in our office
Reporting to you on progress of the application until a decision is made.

Who to contact

Our Immigration Team is led by the Firm’s Senior Partner, Mr. Abess Taqi.
Abess is a qualified Solicitor and Commissioner for Oaths and also a Notary Public (

Abess’s expertise and experience cover the whole range of Asylum and Immigration Work. He is enrolled on The Law Society’s Register of Accredited Immigration and Asylum Practitioners both as a Senior Case Worker and Supervisor.

Abess is assisted in his immigration work by Mr. Glenn Corney and Mrs. Shen Turgut. Glenn is also an Accredited Immigration and Asylum Practitioner both as a Senior Case Worker and Supervisor. Shen is a qualified Paralegal fluent in Turkish. She has worked in the category of Immigration Law for the best part of twelve (12) years.

Please contact Abess, Glenn or Shen for further information or to discuss how we can help you with any Asylum and Immigration law requirements that you may have.

Direct dial: 0208 885 3999
Direct fax: 0208 885 4114

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