The firm is committed to the concept that all aspects of its operations should be of the highest quality. As part of this commitment, it is committed to adopting and maintaining the best practices of Lexcel which confirms compliance with the Law Society’s Practice Management Standards. Such external accreditation is, however, only a part of the firm’s quality programme. The legal profession is no different from any other service provider, in that it only exists so long as that service is valued by those who are the consumers of the service. The consequence of this is that all personnel within the firm judge their actions from the client’s viewpoint, and are aware that in addition to the provision of the highest levels of technical legal expertise, clients have a right to expect the deliverance of an all round quality service. The firm provides a framework within which its staff are able to work in a way which offers the best chance of providing a consistent, safe, level of excellent service. This is the firm’s quality ‘assurance’ system. The effect of the firm’s quality ‘assurance’ system is that it provides those within the firm with the best chance of performing their individual roles in the most effective manner, to the benefit of the firm’s clients and their own professional standing and careers.