Case Study – Adult dependent relatives – Appendix FM category

Virgo Solicitors Limited assisted an adult dependent relative sponsored by her settled Son (a naturalized British Citizen) in the UK to successfully apply for entry into the UK. Our client was able to overcome the high disability threshold criterion which has to be met by adult dependent relatives. With our advice and assistance, the client’s sponsor was able to establish that he would be unable to buy-in the necessary level of care for his mother in her native country of Ghana. The success achieved in this case is significant as it is often the case that even if the high disability threshold is met, it is very difficult indeed to establish in many countries that the sponsor will be unable to buy-in the necessary level of care even where there are no relatives to provide it. In our client’s case she was able to demonstrate that she was unable even with the practical and financial help of her sponsoring son to obtain the required level of care in Ghana because it is not affordable.